Key Principles


Discomfort can lead to someone seeking therapy. Counselling itself though, shouldn’t be a discomfort.

You can’t explore your emotional discomfort unless you’re in a comfortable and safe environment.


Providing a personal touch in an online world.

This isn’t “counselling by numbers”. There are no magic formulas to emotional wellbeing. Everyone is an individual as should be treated as such.

No stock answers and adherence to regular clinical supervision, ethical guidelines and principles.


A crisis wouldn’t wait to happen and neither should access to therapy.

Time zones, working practices and childcare as well as others shouldn’t be a barrier to counselling. Appointments will be made on an individual basis and will be a cooperative venture.


People change. The world changes. An individual’s therapy should be flexible enough to change too.

Appointments may need to be amended due to a change to social situations.

The reasons for accessing counselling may change. Maybe the therapy itself needs to change.

To be positive about change you must welcome it, not fight it.